Frequently asked questions

Q: At what age can I bring my child to Tamil school?
Generally we accept students who are three+. However we recommend to wait until they are 4 years old.

Q: How many divisions are there at Brisbane Tamil School?
Six divisions: Lower Beginners, Advanced beginners , Junior, Intermediate, Senior and Advanced Senior.

Q: Should my child know Tamil before joining the Tamil School?
No. The students at our school are at various levels. Some older students are in junior classes as they have just started learning, while younger students are in senior class because they have learnt Tamil before.

Q: What teaching materials are available for students?
Each class has a Paada Nool (text book) and a Payitchi Nool (work book) and chapters are allocated for each week so that the parents know exactly what is covered each week and what home work is required to be done. BTS has a library where you can borrow Tamil books for all ages

Q: What are the benefits in attending Brisbane Tamil School?
Children have the opportunity to:

  • learn Tamil and mix with our own community
  • excel in competitions such as speech, reciting poems and verbal and written communication
  • participate at BTS Annual sports meet held in April/May each year
  • get trained and perform on stage – drama, dance, debate, etc
  • take part at Annual dinner function in December
  • obtain certificate of completion (senior students).

Q: What is the ethnic background of students?
The students or their parents are from Tamil Naadu, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, or Singapore.

Q: How much is the enrolment fee?
A: The annual enrollment fee is $100 (or if paying by term $30/term).

Q: Whom do we contact for enrollment?
A: Check on this website for current details or email

Q: Are there any activities for parents?
A: Parents play Volley ball, Soccer and indoor games during class time.